Month: May 2017

My Top 5 Lessons as a Stay-At-Home Mompreneur

It’s officially nine months since I became a stay-at-home mom and entrepreneur (mompreneur) after being in the corporate world for more than 12 years.   Some people ask, “Why the heck did you leave your job? You were very successful…you were travelling the world.. you had a high-paying job.. and you decided to stay home and look after your kid?” OR “Oh wow you’re lucky, you get to be with your child 24/7! So what is it like? I wish I can do that too someday…” Yes, I get mixed reactions. I’m not here to tell you that being a stay-at-home …

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Beef and Veggie Cheesy Meatballs

What’s a sure way to have your kids eat veggies??? 🍃 Hide it in meatballs!! 😆😊 Here’s a simple BEEF-VEGGIE-CHEESY MEATBALLS RECIPE that will surely be a hit for kids! Or even the young at heart. Toddlers are the most picky of eaters–most especially if it involves vegetables! So apart from incorporating into omelettes, I find that adding grated or mashed veggies into meatballs is such a no-brainer to “trick” our little bubs to eating it.  No more food-spitting or throwing! Yahoooo! This is a very forgiving recipe so even if you just eyeball the measurements, I think these would …

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Healthy Vegan Brownies

Who doesn’t love brownies?!?  But let’s admit it, we can’t have too much of it when we think of all the sugar and calories in every bite.  I’m a chocoholic and I definitely can’t rule out chocolate completely from my diet!  How about when I say VEGAN BROWNIES? Now we’re talking!  I have found so many versions of healthy brownies out there so this is probably a hybrid of all those recipes I’ve tried and tested.  If I can sum up what makes these brownies my favorite to-date, they are: VEGAN DAIRY-FREE BUTTER-FREE EGG-FREE REFINED SUGAR-FREE CHOCOLICIOUS 100% GUILT-FREE Is …

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