Month: December 2017

7 TIPS to Stay Healthy Thru the Holidays

Christmas is truly the most wonderful time of the year!  With all the family gatherings, parties and reunions, it is really a time when food is celebrated at its best.   But it is also a time when we tend to overeat or totally forget about our health regime and sometimes end up having digestive issues and worse, even illness.   I myself have been in that situation when I fell so sick because of what I ate and I ended up not being able to enjoy the rest of the festivities.  So, through the years, I kind of learned …

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PUMPKIN in a brownie?!?  I know, I know, it must sound weird to some.  But trust me, this is the most decadent yet most guilt-free chocolate bite you will ever have.  These GRAIN-FREEPUMPKIN BROWNIES are so moist and super fudgy, and uses almond meal + coconut flour to substitute your usual white flour, so very healthy too!  This is oh-so-perfect for the holiday season, plus it’s super easy to make so it’s one of those one-bowl recipes that you would want to have in your recipe book!     This yellow plump plant is more than just a halloween or …