Month: February 2018

14 Ways to Practise Self-Care as MOMS

It’s Valentine’s Day and most often we associate this day with flowers, chocolates, fancy gifts and dinners.  While I don’t have anything against that idea, as I too had swooned over my boyfriend’s (and now husband’s) heart-warming surprises, I have come to also appreciate more the act of “SELF-LOVE” especially when I became a mom. You see, motherhood has a way of shifting ones priorities.  Our own needs and wants become secondary, and all we can think of is how we can give more and more to this tiny precious being.  We become obsessed with pouring all of our time …

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5 Tips to Start Eating Clean

WHAT does CLEAN EATING really mean? You probably heard or read about it at one point in time.  Does it mean having no meat totally? Going vegan? Quitting sugar or saying goodbye to carbs?  There could be different answers, and that’s because each of us is different. When I started my Health Coaching program with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, I was introduced to this concept of BIO-INDIVIDUALITY, which means that our bodies are unique, and so should the food we eat.  What’s food to one may be poison to another.  So when it comes to clean eating, there’s no …

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