36 Things that Life has taught me

When you hit your 30s you start to associate birthdays with that extra pound you gained, or that first strand of grey hair, or the crow’s feet that’s starting to get more obvious. But as I turned another chapter of my life this week (happy 36 to me!), I wanted to document it differently and take a moment to loudly reflect on some of the significant lessons that life has taught me. Lessons that have made me become a more grateful mom, a more effective entrepreneur, and a mindful health coach—three paths that have led me to discover so much about myself, and allowed me to experience the toughest shortcomings and most fulfilling breakthroughs.

Growing old is inevitable, but growing up is optional. Go ahead and make mistakes, but never forget the lessons learned.

  1. Put GOD first, then your self, and family next. When you’re kinder to yourself and you’ve loved yourself well, then you can do a better job at that with your family.
  2. Don’t sweat the small stuff. It’s never worth it.
  3. Be present. Live in the moment. Put down the phone and play with your children. Notice their little hands, feet, and face. Before you know it, they’re a little older tomorrow.
  4. Forgive your faults. Let it go but learn from it. You can never be perfect, so don’t aim to be.
  5. You’re a wife before a mom. Love your kids unconditionally, and even more your partner.
  6. Choose happiness. Always.
  7. Stop comparing yourself to that other mom.   For all you know, she’s wishing she were you.
  8. Set some time for self-care every day. Give yourself love and attention. We can never give what we don’t have.
  9. Live by example. Kids follow what we do and not what we say they do, eat, and say.
  10. You may feel like you have failed a lot of times, but you’re a supermom in the eyes of your kids. And yes, even if you have unwashed dishes and a messy house.
  11. Take pride in what you do. Your paycheque is worth more than any job in the world.
  12. Support fellow moms. We all need to be there for each other.
  13. There are no guarantees in business. So make the best investment. Invest in YOU.
  14. You’re going to be underpaid at the start. But you will continue to get paid (lifetime) for the work you put in at the start.
  15. It’s never about not having time, but it’s about making priorities. If it’s not scheduled, then it’s not real.
  16. Run your own race. There will always be someone better than you. So aim to better YOUR best, not others.
  17. Live with intention. Clarity comes from action, not thoughts. You are what you do, and not what you say you’ll do.
  18. Business is all about relationships. Take care of your people, and the business will take care of itself.
  19. Choose your tribe well. Treat them well, and they will surely stick around.
  20. Show up every single day, especially on days that you don’t feel like it.
  21. Have a beginner’s mindset. Learning something new never gets old.
  22. Chase the vision, not the money. Make a difference, and you’ll surely make money.
  23. Do something you LOVE, or find a way to love what you do.  Life is too short to be spent whining and complaining.
  24. If you want to change your life, change something you do everyday.  We form habits before they form us.
  25. Never, ever, ever quit on YOU.
  26. Don’t just aim to be healthy. But understand WHY you need to be healthy.  What are you going to do with your good health? If your why is clear, then any how is possible.
  27. Experiment with food. Embrace home cooking and cook with vitamin L–love! It’s nourishing to the body and the soul.
  28. Each of us is wired differently. A person’s food might be another’s poison.   Listen to your body (and not to that TV commercial or internet ad).
  29. It’s not the quantity of calories that matter, but it’s the QUALITY of calories that does.
  30. Health is holistic. It’s more than about eating your greens, but it’s about having meaningful relationships, a fulfilling career, regular physical activity, and a deep spiritual practice. It’s how we live every single day.
  31. You owe it to yourself to be healthy. Don’t just do it for the facebook likes.   If not for you, do it for your loved ones.
  32. Action precedes motivation. Just START to do one good thing for your body and do it consistently every day.  Motivation will surely kick in once you feel the benefits.
  33. Eat slow. Savor every bite. Not only is it good for digestion but when we slow down, we realize that life is perfect the way it is.
  34. Detox is not just about getting rid of toxic food, but also of negative thoughts, emotions, and unnecessary stress.
  35. Be thankful for the little things… for being able to move physically, for being able to get up and prepare your own meals, for being able to just BREATHE.
  36. Live everyday with GRATITUDE. And share that fullness to the world.


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