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How to Find Time for You Even When It Seems Impossible

Hey gorgeous! Do you sometimes feel like you are running empty even before your 24 hours is over? Kids are driving you nuts at home but you can never find time for yourself? I hear you! I have been there, and your struggle is every mom’s struggle. But when we make that decision to just step back, slow down, and really commit to carving out time for our own well-being, we can be a better mom, sister, daughter, wife, and friend. When I became more intentional with looking after myself first before anything else, I felt less frazzled, less burnt-out, …

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Top 5 Natural Remedies for Flu

It’s flu season here in Melbourne and I’ve been feeling under the weather the past days with the changing weather.  But before popping that aspirin, here’s what I usually eat or drink to ease the itchy throat & runny nose and prevent a full-blown flu to hit me. 1. CHICKEN SOUP Old wives say chicken soup is good for the soul & colds, but it’s actually backed by science with studies showing how chicken soup has anti-inflammatory compounds that relieve respiratory infections. Chicken also contains an amino acid called cysteine, which is released when the chicken is turned into soup. …

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5 Helpful Tips to Stop Binge-Eating

If you have ever encountered a time when you simply can’t stop eating even when you are already full, then chances are you may be familiar with what binge-eating can make you feel after. Don’t feel judged as I too have been in that situation a number of times. Now the real question is, how does one stop binge-eating? Binge-eating may or may not be caused by an underlying disease and includes occasions when one overindulgences on holidays or birthday celebrations. While there’s nothing wrong with indulging every now and then, over-consuming a lot of calories in one sitting when …

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How to nourish your body beyond healthy food

Do you find yourself still feeling hungry even after you’ve already eaten, or lacking in energy when you’ve just finished a full workout? Or no matter how much green juice or salads you’ve been eating, yet you still don’t feel your best? You’re not alone. All of us have felt that way in one way or another, including me. And what you most likely need is not food ‘food’ but it’s soul food that you are craving for. I first learned about the concept of PRIMARY FOOD when I started my Health Coaching training with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. …

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7 Healthy ingredients you’ll find in my pantry

One of the things I get asked often is what I usually stock my pantry with.  So in this post I’m sharing some of my must-have healthy ingredients to guide you if you’re also wanting to “healthify” your pantry. Blueberry Lemon Overnight Oats   1. Rolled oats – I love my oats and usually have these for breakfast. Oats are rich in omega 3s, fiber and lots of antioxidants. They are known to help with reducing cholesterol, improving blood sugar levels, and also are low-glycemic which helps you feel full longer.  Oats can be used in lots of recipes, from …

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7 Energy-Boosting Habits for Busy Moms

Motherhood is a full-time job.  I mean it.  Seriously.   It drains your energy–physically, mentally and emotionally.   Which is why I feel that every mom deserves to be well taken cared of.  Not by their husband, or their kids, or their mommy friends, but by themselves.  Yes, you mummy, need to take care of YOU first.   And when you take care of you, you will not only feel amazing, but you will have enough energy to survive the #dailyjuggle! Self-care is never selfish. Especially for mums who work every single day either to run a household, raise kids while running a …

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How I switched from corporate mom to Certified Health Coach

“What do you do?”   I often get asked this question in every meetup or gathering, and every time I come up with a slightly different answer.  Probably because I consider myself a multi-passionate entrepreneur.   In the simplest terms, I am a Certified INTEGRATIVE NUTRITION Health coach who helps women like you take control of your health and life by teaching you the exact how-tos thru online programs to achieve a healthy body that you are confident of, and a lifestyle that you love. But everything as they say starts with a story.  I used to struggle with weight issues …

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My Top Life Lessons as a Mom

Happy 37th to me! Every time it’s my birthday, it’s a reminder for me to reflect on the year that has been and all that I have learned so far in this crazy, beautiful life. As being a mom has played a huge role in my life, I wanted to share with you the 37 key lessons that I’ve learned so far from my motherhood journey. Share your own lessons below or tag a mom who needs to be reminded how awesome she is! 1. Raise your child the way you want to. You of all people will know what’s …

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7 Ways to Stay Fit When Travelling With Kids

If there’s one thing I love to do apart from chasing my little boy and tinkering around my kitchen is to travel.  But I am sure you would agree how it can get challenging to stay on track with your healthy routine while travelling.  I am no party-pooper though and I still believe in enjoying the wanderlust moments and not having to snack purely on celery sticks during your entire tour. We recently went on our first snow trip experience as a family over at Falls Creek Victoria.   It was over 7-hours drive and we stayed there for 4 …

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5 Steps to Making a Healthy & Delicious Vegetable Salad

One reason why I love salads so much is that they are so easy and quick to make (no pans to wash!), and they are nutrient-packed as well.  However, a common dilemma especially for those just beginning to make their own salads at home is that they get bored with having the same ingredients in their bowls.  I mean, lettuce-cucumber-tomato combo all week long is definitely not as appetizing to me either. I am here to tell you that salads don’t have to be bland, tasteless, and monotonous in terms of flavor.   Here are just some ways I spruce …

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