Chicken Soba Noodle Soup

Having lived in Singapore for more than 9 years, I can’t help but miss my warm bowl of noodles especially during cold season here in Melbourne. There’s always something soothing and comforting when sipping that garlicky chicken broth. This CHICKEN SOBA NOODLE SOUP recipe is very easy to make yet it’s packed with so much flavor and healthy goodness that even kids would surely love.

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I usually make my broth at home by simply boiling chicken carcass.  One extra reason why I roast whole chicken and save the carcass after carving it. Another key ingredient here is soba noodles.  Soba is the Japanese term for buckwheat which is a great alternative to your regular white noodles. It’s gluten-free and is known to improve heart health by lowering cholesterol and blood pressure levels.

For your protein, you may also use tofu or even seafood like sliced fish or prawns.  I made the chicken balls a bit healthier by adding grated carrots.  You can even add other veggies like sweat peas or red bell pepper into the balls. A great way to mask the veggies if you have little picky eaters!


Soba noodles, 150 grams or half a pack

200 grams minced chicken

1 medium carrot, julienned

1/4 c grated carrots

whole chicken carcass or 2-3 pcs chicken parts

3 cups water

3 cloves garlic

1 medium onion chopped

Bunch of bokchoy or chinese lettuce

1/2 c sliced mushrooms, shitake or portobello

Salt & pepper


In a casserole, boil the chicken carcass or chicken parts with the garlic.  Season with salt. Lower the heat then let it simmer for 20 minutes.

Meanwhile, cook the soba noodles per package instructions and set aside.  In a bowl, place the minced chicken, grated carrots, minced onions, salt and pepper.  Mix with a spoon and form into small balls.  Set aside.

Strain the chicken broth so you are left with the clear liquid. You can discard the carcass or save the chicken parts and cut the meat into cubes. Return the broth to the casserole.  Bring up to medium heat.  Once it starts to bubble, drop the chicken balls gently one at a time.  Let them cook for about 7-8 minutes.  Once cooked, add the julienned carrots and mushrooms, and cubed chicken meat if using. Let it simmer for another 4-5 minutes. Season as preferred.

To serve, arrange your noodles in a bowl, bokchoy then pour over it the soup and chicken balls. Garnish with coriander and lime wedge. Serve warm.

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