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Are You Ready to be the Healthiest You?

When was the last time you spoke with someone who REALLY wanted to help you with your health goals?

Fit Foodie Mommy Health Coaching

Whether it’s losing that last 10 kgs, managing stress or burn-out from your demanding job, or taking out the craziness of the #dailyjuggle as a mom, or helping you create your own delicious meals at home in under an hour, I am here to help you and give you the exact how-tos to achieve a healthy body you are confident of, and a lifestyle that you love.

A Health Coach is a supportive mentor and wellness authority helping you to feel your best through food & lifestyle changes by tailoring individualized wellness programs to meet your personalized needs.

But first,I have 3 questions for you…

How would it feel to fit into those old pair of jeans without having to starve yourself for days or torturing yourself at the gym?

What would it feel like to be able to have more energy, feel your best, and live your days with more purpose and meaning?

What would having a lean, strong body, and a healthy, positive mindset be worth to you?

I know how it feels. Coz, I’ve been in your situation too where all I wanted was to be able to take care of myself in the midst of taking care of my son. I am here, as your mentor, your ally, your accountability partner… to help you achieve a HEALTHY lifestyle for real, and for good (even when it seems impossible!). I’ve done it myself, and so can you!

So, shall we get started?

Premier 1-on-1 Health Coaching

Imagine having a personal coach and mentor showing you the exact how-tos from meal planning, to grocery tours, and giving you the roadmap on how to achieve your health goals — whether it’s weight loss, stress management, or simply cleaning up your diet and lifestyle.

My philosophy is around BIO-UNIQUENESS, meaning there is no one diet that works for everyone. You are unique so you will also receive personalised and customized coaching and resources based on your own needs.


A Glimpse of How We Work Together

1. COMPLIMENTARY health discovery CALL

a free 30-minute initial consultation where we talk about your health history, and your key concerns and goals. I’ll then provide you with a roadmap of how we can achieve that in the next 3 or 6 months. You decide after the call if you wish for us to work together.


50-minute live coaching sessions, delivered via ONLINE or FACE-TO-FACE. At the end of each session, I will give you 2-3 recommendations to incorporate into your lifestyle. More than food, we cover areas such as physical activity, relationships, career, and spirituality which are all intertwined with our health.


Throughout the program, I will be sending you books, food samples, articles, cheatsheets, grocery lists, meal plans and recipes, and other related resources that are relevant to your health goals.


As a bonus, I will also help you in doing a make-over of your pantry and guide you in becoming a smart, healthy buyer in the long run, by giving you recommendations of healthy swaps for your favorite food and ingredients.

3-Month Program

(AUD$250 / month)

OR one-time payment of AUD 750

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6-Month Program

(AUD$225 / month

OR one-time payment of AUD 1350

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Health Coaching
is for you if…

You are tired of the crash diets, and want to finally lose the weight or maintain a strong, lean body that you are confident of.

 You feel burnt out either from your job, or the daily demands of parenthood (or singlehood), and want to achieve more balance in life. 

You have a hard time sticking to your healthy habits, and want more accountability. You feel the desire for a non-judgmental mentor to guide you in making better food and lifestyle choices. 

You want to manage mood swings, anxiety, and other daily stressors. 

You want to learn how to cook healthy thru easy, simple, delicious dishes that can be done in less time.

Book Your Complimentary 30-Minute Health Discovery Call

Health is more than just about the food we eat. It’s also about what we do, what we think, it’s how we live. It’s finding harmony across our relationships, spirituality, career, physical activity, and everything else that affects our total well-being.

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