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10 Tips to Meal Prepping Success

Hey gorgeous! Have you always wanted to start meal-prepping but feel like it’s too overwhelming? I hear ya sistah! In today’s blog, I want to share with you 10 of my top tips to make meal-prepping a breezing success for you–even if you’re a newbie in the kitchen! Meal-prepping has taken over the food world these days and you probably see all over social media how more and more people (moms especially) have embraced the art of meal prepping. Half of the time though, I hear some say that meal-prepping takes so much time and energy, and only those who …

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lunchbox ideas for kids

5 Lunchbox Recipes Your Kids Will Love

Healthy lunchboxes don’t have to be costly, or take tons of time and ingredients to make. Try these easy, delicious, healthy, and meal-prep friendly recipes to make lunchboxes more fun for you and your kids! My little boy has started prep in January, and I’ve been in full swing in the kitchen trying out different recipes that he actually eats! There have been hits with a few misses, and below are the ones that I would give a 5-star for its ease in making, nutrient density, and of course, flavor. Coz who are we kidding, even if pretty the bento …

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Zucchini Carrot Fritters

5 Healthy Meal-Prep Recipes You Should Try

If there is one thing I really love to do, it’s prepping meals ahead to save me tons of time from the kitchen. Especially now that little T has started primary school, it means I have to pack lunchboxes everyday. And so having a stash of healthy eats in the fridge can save me so much stress in the mornings. Here are some of my favorite meal-prep friendly recipes which are easy to make, delicious, and nutritious. ZUCCHINI CARROT FRITTERS Delicious fritters made with grated zucchinis and carrots which makes the perfect savory breakfast or lunchbox item. To serve, you …

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What I eat in a day

What I Eat in a Day to Recover from the Holidays

We’re 3 weeks into 2020! But wait… are you having some holiday hangover? If you are still feeling stuck and can’t seem to bring yourself back into your health routine, this post is for you as I share with you some of my quick and healthy eats to feel good from the inside out in no time. This isn’t necessarily about losing weight, but it’s more of cleaning up your diet and easing gradually into a healthier eating habit. And even if it’s not the holidays, it’s good to always keep a balanced diet without depriving yourself of the food …

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Holiday Survival Tips

Health Coach Tips to Survive the Holidays

Happy holidays gorgeous! It’s 25 days til Christmas and I bet you are as busy as a bee, scrambling to organize parties left and right, house decorating, gift-shopping, all while keeping your sanity throughout this merry season. Am I right, or am I right? I come from a Filipino family where Christmas preparations start as early as July!  I’m not even kidding.  You can already see lights and decors, hear Christmas songs blaring throughout the shopping malls, and even expect children caroling at your door by sun-down. But with all the merry-making, lavish dining, and extravagant gift-giving, this season can …

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How to Find Time for You Even When It Seems Impossible

Hey gorgeous! Do you sometimes feel like you are running empty even before your 24 hours is over? Kids are driving you nuts at home but you can never find time for yourself? I hear you! I have been there, and your struggle is every mom’s struggle. But when we make that decision to just step back, slow down, and really commit to carving out time for our own well-being, we can be a better mom, sister, daughter, wife, and friend. When I became more intentional with looking after myself first before anything else, I felt less frazzled, less burnt-out, …

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Top 5 Natural Remedies for Flu

It’s flu season here in Melbourne and I’ve been feeling under the weather the past days with the changing weather.  But before popping that aspirin, here’s what I usually eat or drink to ease the itchy throat & runny nose and prevent a full-blown flu to hit me. 1. CHICKEN SOUP Old wives say chicken soup is good for the soul & colds, but it’s actually backed by science with studies showing how chicken soup has anti-inflammatory compounds that relieve respiratory infections. Chicken also contains an amino acid called cysteine, which is released when the chicken is turned into soup. …

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5 Helpful Tips to Stop Binge-Eating

If you have ever encountered a time when you simply can’t stop eating even when you are already full, then chances are you may be familiar with what binge-eating can make you feel after. Don’t feel judged as I too have been in that situation a number of times. Now the real question is, how does one stop binge-eating? Binge-eating may or may not be caused by an underlying disease and includes occasions when one overindulgences on holidays or birthday celebrations. While there’s nothing wrong with indulging every now and then, over-consuming a lot of calories in one sitting when …

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How to nourish your body beyond healthy food

Do you find yourself still feeling hungry even after you’ve already eaten, or lacking in energy when you’ve just finished a full workout? Or no matter how much green juice or salads you’ve been eating, yet you still don’t feel your best? You’re not alone. All of us have felt that way in one way or another, including me. And what you most likely need is not food ‘food’ but it’s soul food that you are craving for. I first learned about the concept of PRIMARY FOOD when I started my Health Coaching training with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. …

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How I switched from corporate mom to Certified Health Coach

“What do you do?”   I often get asked this question in every meetup or gathering, and every time I come up with a slightly different answer.  Probably because I consider myself a multi-passionate entrepreneur.   In the simplest terms, I am a Certified INTEGRATIVE NUTRITION Health coach who helps women like you take control of your health and life by teaching you the exact how-tos thru online programs to achieve a healthy body that you are confident of, and a lifestyle that you love. But everything as they say starts with a story.  I used to struggle with weight issues …

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