Meal Prep
with Tara

Healthy Home cooking
made EASY.

Imagine your day without having to ask "what to cook for dinner?" and there's no more eating kids' leftovers.....

Meal Prep Session

Whether you’re a busy mom who barely has time to search on Pinterest what meals to cook for your little humans…

Or you’re a singleton who craves for healthy homecooked lunchboxes over that overpriced salad bowl in the café….

Healthy homecooking can be EASY.  Let me show you how.

What to expect in my
Meal-Prep Masterclass


To me, cooking is synonymous with creativity and arts!  It doesn’t have to be boring and feel like it’s a ‘chore’ to do.  You’ll find the Masterchef in you and also learn about basic nutrition, healthy food and ingredients, healthy swaps, pantry staples, meal-prep friendly recipes, home-cooking tips and more, all while cooking along with me the entire time!  


Have gluten sensitivities or allergies?  Not a fan of brussel sprouts or seafood? I’ll have a pre-workshop chat with you to understand more your needs and preferences and from there I’ll create a customized 4-course meal plan that you will surely love.   Prior the workshop date, I will email you a printable PDF download with the full recipe notes and grocery list so you can prepare the ingredients.   


I’m a mom myself and I consider budget & time like gold!   So I definitely hear ya, which is why most of my recipes are friendly to your pockets and your calendar.


As a bonus, I will also help you in making a pantry inventory and guide you in becoming a smart, healthy buyer in the long run, by giving you recommendations of healthy swaps for your favorite food and ingredients.

Meal-prep Masterclass
is for you if...

  • You are tired of the same recipes you are cooking over and over again and want some variety + nutrition boost in every meal
  • You have picky eaters and running out of ideas on how to get them to eat more veggies
  • You want to clean up your diet, incorporate more plants into your daily diet but still enjoy the food you love–like pizzas and even brownies!
  • You want to learn how to prep easy, simple, delicious recipes that are also budget-friendly and can be done in under an hour or less
Healthy cooking without the hard.

Want to learn how to cook the Fit Foodie Mommy way?  

Book me for a 2 to 3-hour interactive, educational,  1-on-1 or small-group healthy cooking workshop right in your own kitchen, or space.

Food is medicine, and I’ll show you how healthy cooking can help you “heal” and recover your vitality and energy in the most natural way. You will discover how easy, doable, and enjoyable healthy cooking actually is… and even take some Instagram-worthy photos while you’re at it.

COST:  AUD $150 per hour

What my clients say...

Being a makeup artist entails being beautiful inside and out and that is being healthy internally to bring that glow externally. That is the main reason why I needed help from the gorgeous Tara. She taught me 4 different meals, a dessert, an appetizer, a main course and a super healthy Quinoa salad. (Everything dairy- gluten free). I'm pretty sure this will be a start for me to go for plant-based meals! Baby steps!!!! Thanks for today lovely @fitfoodiemommy!!!
Blezel Anne
Professional Make-up Artist
Learned so much from Tara’s Healthy Cooking Masterclass today. What we cooked today are yummy and filling!! Thanks for the tips and hacks, I’m now eager to cook more healthier meals with lots of veggies!!

Health is more than just about the food we eat. It’s also about what we do, what we think, it’s how we live. It’s finding harmony across our relationships, spirituality, career, physical activity, and everything else that affects our total well-being.