The B.E.Fit Lifestyle Program

The B.E.FiT Lifestyle

An 8-week online holistic wellness program to
teach you how about the steps to clean eating,
fitness, self-care, and holistic wellness.

An 8-week online integrated wellness program that focuses on inside-out BEAUTY, clean EATS, and FITNESS, to help you feel better, look better, and let you take care of yourself in all aspects of life.

It will teach you the exact how-tos to improve your overall health, and live a life filled with mindfulness and self-love. Regardless of where you are in your health journey, you can start making shifts in the way you eat, and live with the guidance of a health & nutrition coach, loads of wellness resources, plus a community of like-minded health-conscious individuals who are going thru the same journey as yours.

Whether you’re wanting to….

  • Say goodbye to fad dieting & calorie counting
  • Lose/ maintain an ideal weight
  • improve your relationship with food
  • Curb sugar cravings and emotional eating
  • Explore a plant-based diet
  • Improve appearance of skin, hair, and nails
  • Boost energy and immunity
  • Incorporate meditation + mindfulness
  • Practice self-care habits
  • Introduce fitness and physical activity
  • Have an accountability support group to motivate you daily
  • Increase overall wellbeing and quality of life

Our 8-STEPS in 8 WEEKS guide will help you build healthy habits and practice them for life!


  • The complete 8-STEP The B.E.Fit lifestyle online program from an easy-to-access learning platform thru your smartphone, laptop or other online device
  • Over 20+ educational wellness-related videos
  • Over 25+ downloadable PDFs and resources
  • Printable healthy recipes
  • Nutritional product bundles (high-quality probiotics, anti-oxidants, gluten-free shakes)
  • 24/7 email support from your wellness coach
  • Exclusive access to a private online community where you get to interact and get support from other participants
  • Self-paced material — you have lifetime access, and you can start your 8-STEPS anytime and repeat it how often you like.


  • increased energy and stamina
  • better and improved sleep
  • feel more rejuvenated
  • gain more mindfulness and concentration
  • reduce brain fog
  • improved bowel movement
  • become an intuitive homecook
  • lesser sugar or sweet cravings
  • more active lifestyle
  • more positive and grateful mindset
  • less stress + more productivity
  • improved overall wellbeing


The B.E.Fit Lifestyle 8-STEPS:

Step 1. Eat right for your body.

Learn how to find the right way of eating that suits you. Know how to put together a balanced plate. And find out how else you can nourish yourself aside from food.

Step 2. Reduce sugar and manage cravings.

Explore ways on how to deconstruct cravings and reduce sugar without sacrificing taste. You’ll learn easy tips to also enjoy sweet treats without the guilt.

Step 3. Embrace balanced and intuitive cooking.

We tackle the basics of healthy cooking, and some techniques on how to be a more intuitive eater. Learn to navigate your way in the kitchen without overwhelm, and how to shop healthy and smart.

Step 4. Finding balance with your weight and lifestyle.

Learn how to maintain your ideal weight without diet restrictions. Embrace your unique size, and shape, and be completely happy and satisfied with your way of life.

Step 5. Develop healthy habits and routines.

Build daily habits and rituals to improve your health and over-all well-being. And learn how to make them stick!

Step 6. Exercise right for you.

Fitness shouldn’t be a one-size-fits-all. Find your own way of staying fit without the feeling of torture!

Step 7. Make self-care a priority.

Self-care is not selfish. Learn how to better take care of yourself from the inside out with easy meditation guides and other mental health-promoting habits.

Step 8. The art of stress-free living.

Detox your emotions and thoughts. Manage stress better and improve productivity.


Once you register, you will be given instant access to the 8-STEP The B.E.Fit Lifestyle Program and you can begin the program at any time you like. You will also be added to our exclusive private community where you gain an awesome support tribe!

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