Month: July 2018

creamy chicken with sundried tomatoes

Creamy Chicken with Sundried Tomatoes and Spinach

I am obsessed with sundried tomatoes and have been using it in most of my fave dishes at home.  They taste great in salads and pastas but this chicken dish takes it a notch higher.  Other recipes call it ‘Tuscan’ chicken but I just prefer to call it as it is.  It’s creamy and have loads of flavor from the sundried tomatoes, spinach, and good quality parmesan cheese.  If you want to make it a tad healthier, you can use coconut milk instead of light cream and use nutritional yeast instead of cheese.  My boys are not too fond of …

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Chocolate-coated Stuffed Dates

If you haven’t noticed yet, I am one for desserts! So I always try to find alternatives to having that candy bar but still satisfy my sweet cravings. This STUFFED DATES coated with dark chocolate definitely hits the spot! Dates originate from palm trees mostly from Middle Eastern countries. They are nutritional powerhouses loaded with lots of fiber and minerals. They are known to relieve constipation, boost energy, promote heart health amongst tons of other benefits.What I love about them is their caramel-like flavor which means they can be used in many recipes to substitute for sugar. You can even …

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Whole Wheat Chocolate Cupcakes with Chocolate Coconut Frosting

I have just returned from a long holiday from my beautiful home country Philippines and you can imagine the holiday hangover!   I miss the place, the food, and of course my family back home.  So I sought refuge from indulging myself with these chocolate cupcakes that are soooo decadent, yet are still very healthy.  They are made from whole wheat flour, sweetened with coconut sugar, and using coconut cream for the frosting.  I mean, how healthy can that get? I used wholewheat flour but you may also use all-purpose flour.  I also chose dutch-pressed cocoa over regular cocoa powder …

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