Vegetarian Pineapple Turmeric Fried Rice

Vegetarian Turmeric Fried Rice - Fit Foodie Mommy

Fried rice is one of those dishes that takes me back to my childhood days.  I remember my mother used to cook this for us whenever we don’t feel like eating anything else.  There is something about this dish that appeals even to the most picky eater—aka kids!   Since it’s detox month for me and my team, I thought of a meatless recipe that will be perfect both for the young and young at heart.  And this VEGETARIAN PINEAPPLE TURMERIC FRIED RICE is on top of my list!

pineapple fried rice, vegetarian, turmeric, Fit Foodie Mommy, healthy

The key ingredients apart from rice (of course!) are pineapple, tofu, and turmeric powder.  Tofu is a great substitute for meats.  It’s high in protein and it has an eggy-taste.   If you wish for this dish to be non-vegetarian, then you can use shrimps or chicken.   Make sure to use the firm tofu and not the silken or soft tofu since the latter would break up easily and you will end up with a mushy fried rice.  For the pineapple, I had the canned one but you can use the fresh pineapple also.  Just make sure you remove the core part.

Now the turmeric powder.  Turmeric is the spice that gives curry its yellowish color.  It’s been used for so many years as a spice and even as a medicinal herb.  I use turmeric a lot not just for its great health benefits but for the subtle edgy taste it gives to the dish.   It has strong anti-inflammatory properties and it’s widely used for arthritis, good for cholesterol and may even prevent diseases like Alzheimer’s, and even cancer.   Plus, it can also aid in the natural detoxification process of our body.  What’s not to love about it?!

pineapple fried rice, vegetarian, turmeric, Fit Foodie Mommy, healthy

Now the fun part… you can choose any additional vegetables you like.  Fried rice is a way to use up all that’s left in your fridge!  I only added here some carrots and peas as I wanted for the pineapple and tofu to stand out.  You can also add some raisins and even cashews if you like.   This is so quick and easy to make that even those who have the least culinary skills can whip this up in minutes!


2-3 cups cooked or leftover rice (white or brown rice) – preferably a day old

1 medium onion, chopped

2 cloves garlic, minced

4-5 tbsps coconut oil or peanut oil

1 package firm tofu, cubed (about 2 cups)

1 c pineapple, chunks

2 eggs, beaten

1 1/2 tsp ground turmeric powder

1/2 c green peas

1/2 c carrots, cubed

salt & pepper to taste


Heat about 1 tbsp of oil in a pan.  Pan-fry the tofu until a little browned on both sides.  Set aside.

In the same pan, heat some oil and cook the eggs omelette-style.  Transfer to a plate and slice into thin strips.  Set aside.

Heat a bigger pan or a wok with the remaining oil.   Sauté the onions and garlic for about a minute or two. Add the carrots, and cook for about 2 minutes for the carrots to soften.  Then add in the green peas and pineapple and cook for another minute or so.

Add the cooked rice and flavor with salt, pepper, and turmeric powder.  Stir until the seasoning are well combined.  Finally, add the tofu, and then the cooked eggs.  Turn off the heat and mix to let all the flavors come together.  Serve warm and enjoy!

Tag me in instagram @fitfoodiemommy if you ever try out this recipe!  Would also love to see modifications you’ve made to make it your own creation.


pineapple fried rice, vegetarian, Fit Foodie Mommy

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